Executive Search

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What is Executive Search?

Executive Search the identification, by recruitment agents or consultants on behalf of an organization, of suitable external candidates for senior positions, often by means of headhunting techniques.

Creating an "ideal" candidate on paper is not the best way to start looking for a new hire. By getting Dream Jobz Consulting involved at the strategic planning stage, we can help you ask the right questions and get the right answers, starting with why that position is open. Working from the goals you have set, we may well uncover possibilities never considered.

How We Do It?

Consultants of Dream Jobz Consulting work from personal recommendation and lists of their own contacts, and monitor rising stars or key personnel in particular organizations or professions. The number of potential candidates is usually limited because of the specialty or seniority of the post, so that the search takes place within upper salary ranges. Consultants of Dream Jobz Consulting rarely advertise because the publicity may be unfruitful or detrimental to the organization for which they are working, and they do not find posts for individual job hunters.

With new recruits and retrained current personnel, your company won't just be reorganized, it will be revitalized. Once the talent has been identified and allocated, we can assist all parties involved with the integration process and continue to be a part of your company's growth.

At Dream Jobz Consulting we don't fill requisitions - we provide human capital solutions.